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General Information

The province of khammouane is located in central Laos bordering Bolikhamxay and Savannakhet Province. Khammouane covers about 16,300 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 330,000 mostly engaged in agriculture. The Mekong River Valley in the west is framed by the Annamite Mountain Range which separates Khammouane from Vietnam to the east.

Fertile land here is well suited to plantations of rice, cabbage, sugar cane, bananas, etc. A total poplation is made up of lowland and up-land Lao groups: Phuan, Tahoy, Kri, Katang etc. Thakhaek is the province capital, situated across the Mekong from Nakornphanom in Thailand. It also has much well preserved French colonial architecture similar to that found in Vientiane.

Inhabiting mainly lowland river valleys the Lao, Phouthai and other Tai-speaking peoples are the main ethnic groups in Khammouane. There are also Mekong or Bru people, a Mon-Khmer- speaking ethnic minority that make up 13% of the provincial population. In smaller number are the Kri, Nguan, Atel Themarou, and Maleng who are mainly found in the mountainous eastern part of the province.

The vast forsest of the Nakai-Nam Teun National Protected Area are an important watershed that feed many Mekong tributaries as well as form the catchments area for Nam Teun 2, the largest hydropower project in Laos.


Town and Districts

Thakhaek, Mahaxay, Nongbok, Hinboun, Nhommalath, Bualapha, Nakai, Xebangfay and Xaybouathong.


Geography Demographics Calling Code
Capital: Thakhaek Population: 330,000 +856 51
Location: Central
Area: 16,300 km2 Density: 20.45/km2

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Economic reform begins with the introduction of the "New Economic Mechanism"

Surrounded by five countries namely Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and China, Laos is the only landlocked nation in ASEAN and is comprised of approximately 50 ethnic groups. Though its economic growth has been slow, Laos began economic reforms in 1986 designated as the "New Economic Mechanism" through which it now pursues a policy of economic liberalization and introduction of a market-oriented economy. The mainstay industry is agriculture, which accounts for half of the GDP, and coffee is an important export agricultural goods. Studded with alluring World Heritage designated site such as Luang Prabang and Vat Phou, developing its tourist industry remains to be achieved. Along with various other forms of economic support, Japan is extending grant aid for the preservation of the World Cultural Heritage including the Vat Phou archaeological site.

Land Area



approx. 6.14 million (2007, estimates)



Political System

People's Democratic Republic

Major Language


Major Religion

Buddhism (90%)



PSEZ Profile

General situation within Phoukhyo Specific Economic Zone

Phoukhyo Specific Economic Zone has the total area of 4,850 ha located between the four junctions of two strategic roads such as Road No.13 south and Road No.12 is the first priority can facilitate on goods transportation to the sea port which granted by Vietnamese Government   to Lao Government in use, it is the shortest road only 300 km by from Lao - Thai Border toward Lao - Vietnamese Border only 150km and from Lao  Vietnamese Border toward the sea port only 150km. On the date 11 / 11 / 2011 Lao Government  and Thai Government will jointly official opening the third friendship bridge and in the future Lao Government has the plan to construct the ASEAN railway station which far from Phoukhyo Economic Zone about 3 km with the aim transporting goods to the sea.

Beside the southern international Road  No.13  , From Wattay International Airport (Vientiane Capital), 350 Km, Frienship Mekong Bridge Lao-Thai (Kham mouane), 14 K, Centre of Thakhek actual City , 5 Km, Lao-Vietnam Border by Road No.12 , 145 Km, Voung Anh-deep Sea Port Vietnam by Road No.12, 300 km, Airport, Friendship Mekong bridge Lao-Thai (Savanmakhet), 130 Km, Lao – Kampuchea Border Port by Southern Road No.13, 450 Km, NaKonephanom Airport (Thailand), 20 Km, Lao-Vietnam Border by Road No: 8 , 200 Km, Lao-Vietnam Border by International Road No.9 ,299 Km

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